Author: Percy Womack

Expert Guide: The Secrets of Running a Successful BIM Coordination Meeting

One of the most important aspects of Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the collaboration and coordination it achieves among the team members. But to exploit it to the optimum you have to conduct the coordination meetings in an effective and productive way.

If you are successful, your building team will be able to comprehend the full benefits of the BIM coordination and make the best out of it. They may need a bit of time adjusting to the new technical details, but after they are used to it there is nothing to stop them.

How to Run a Successful BIM Coordination Meeting?

Invest in the right strategy to get the best results. Try to follow the tips discussed below to help you on your journey. These are revealed by experts of the BIM industry and are best practices in themselves.

1. Give it Time

3D modeling, and understanding the flaws of a design takes time. Conducting a meeting successfully is not a one day task. You need to devote time to prepare yourself and practice thoroughly before the actual meeting.

You will need a bit of time if you are new to the BIM solution for loading the correct models, navigating through the system and tweak visibility settings.

Practice for 15 minutes prior to loading models and accessing views for the aspects concerning your interest. It eliminates delay and down time when you are conducting the real meeting. More importantly, understand the project requirements first.

2. Find a Skilled Navigator

You will need someone who knows the BIM solution thoroughly and also is familiar with the model of your project.

Someone who doesn’t have experience can mess up and fumble during navigating the complex models while the meeting is on- that is going to bring down the whole productivity of the meeting which is against your objective.

3. Take down Notes

The notes taken down during the last meeting and open action items should be based to shape the agenda for the current meeting. You can use this method effectively to address open coordination issues before bringing up new discussions.

Adopting this system also helps you keep things on track.

4. Value the Time of Team Members

Apart from attending meetings, the members of your BIM consulting team need to complete their tasks on time. You can use your team’s time wisely by setting up meetings with different team members on a structured basis.

You can start off with the design team and then call the structural engineer to discuss on things. Next, you can improve the coordination effect by discussing things with the MEP and structural members.

There is no need for the whole team to be present in the same room at the same time.

Inform your BIM team members about the approach you will take while conducting the meetings. It can take some time for them to collaborate effectively using new technological leverage.

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